Green Apple Pharma is an Iraqi pharmaceutical corporation, one of the largest drug stores in Iraq, importing and distributing pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products to patients, healthcare providers, pharmacies and drug stores all over Iraq.

Our partners

We take pride in our productive relations with our partners in 16 Iraqi governorates. Green Apple Pharma was recognized for its competitive prices, convenience, good quality medicine, commitment and its good reputation. Since 2008, our pharmaceutical corporation expanded into 16 Iraqi governorates. Our current location is conveniently situated in Al-Harithya , Baghdad.

 Our mission

Our objective is to provide high standard affordable medicine in order to serve the health and quality of life of people in the middle east. We are delighted that our management team has an open door-policy. We invite suggestions, opinions of all our staff and customers.

Franchise opportunities

We are interested in franchise opportunities from reputable drug companies around the world. With the experience we have we can work with you to help deliver pharmaceuticals or cosmetic products to the Iraq and other middle eastern countries.

If you would like to work with us. We will be happy to cooperate with scientific bureaus that share our beliefs and standards.